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VoxRec is a voice recorder with built-in speech to text service. It uses state of the art AI to convert your voice memos into written notes. Automatically delivered to your Inbox or your cloud folder.

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Voice recording to text

High-accuracy speech to text from just $0.07/min

How often do you forget important details or a great idea? Whether it’s a fast-paced meeting, doctor consultation or random creative ideas - record them as voice memo, review them as text. Save Time. Save Money.

Why people transcribe with VoxRec

Over 40,000 professionals use our app to save time in their work. We asked a few to tell us how they use the voice to text features. This is what they said...

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More than a transcription app

Productivity features will help you work with your recordings and transcriptions to achieve even more than ever before in the same time.

Transcript via Email

Within Minutes

Your voice memos are transcribed and automatically delivered to your email in a jiffy

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All meetings, notes, voice memos and transcripts backed up to your cloud (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive)

Industry Leading

A.I. Transcription

Transcription by human takes hours. Get more out of your interactions and meetings by letting VoxRec transcribe your discussions.


VoxRec app is FREE to download. Our recording features are completely FREE. We offer monthly subscriptions or pay as you go options for the speech-to-text service.

Playback highlight

Follow the speaker and the discussion with visual word highlight during playback. Tap at any word to start playback.

Format & Edit

Add notes to recordings, edit transcripts, format or highlight text directly on your iPhone or iPad.

Tag important time

When discussion turns serious, mark important moments in the recording. Return to them with one tap.

Backup & Sync

Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud. Your recordings and transcripts will be securely archived.



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30 minutes FREE of speech to text

Available for iPhone,
iPad, & Apple Watch

AppStore Reviews

With thousands of ratings and hundreds of reviews worldwide, we have selected a few that best represent the experience of our app and the transcription service.

U.S.A Flag
Huge timesaver

I love this app. It’s great for on-the-go thoughts. You can record a to-do list, compose an email, write a paper, and so much more! You just record your voice and it transcribes it for you!

U.S.A Flag
Love this app!

This works great for drafting a novel. I can record, the app transcribes and then emails it to me! If the app gets it wrong and I can’t remember what I said it’s super easy to go back in the transcription and listen to the right spot.

U.S.A Flag
Very powerful

I’ve been looking for an app like this. I often get frustrated with listening to voice recordings because a lot of recordings are filled with parts that are not relevant to me. The transcription feature helps me to skip back and forth. This helps me focus on important parts and save time. Lots of other useful features too.

U.S.A Flag
This app actually works!!!

I have tried, I’m guessing nearly every single transcription app. They all proclaim they can record live audio, then transcribe. Bull hockey! This is the only one that actually transcribed my audio quickly into a readable text. The directions are super simple. I am very impressed the transcription is as accurate as it is. Maybe 3-5% of the words are not what was actually said. When I get a raise, I am subscribing ASAP! :)

Netherlands Flag

The transcription is much better than all other apps I’ve used. I get some odd words and sentences every now and then, but it also depends on how I pronounce my text. Some mistakes I can figure out because it’s just 1 or 2 words in a row that are transcripted wrong, but most of the time very consequently. Which, by the way, can be a big laugh.

Netherlands Flag

A few weeks ago I purchased Voxrec to help me to transcribe interviews. A cool feature is that you can directly share the recording and transcription with other devices like your laptop, which is really convenient.

Russia Flag

Перешёл от конкурентов. Но, это и высокая оценка - аванс разработчикам. Нужна гибкая и разумная политика ценообразования. Нужна версия для iPad. И подумайте по поводу интеграции, транспорта. Например, Notability, Marginnote. Спасибо и успехов.

Russia Flag
Хороший функционал

Это приложение, помимо расширенных функций диктофона, очень выручает на долгих митингах и освобождает от необходимости делать пометки вручную или прослушивать всю запись заново.

Czech Flag

Moc doporučuji! Nemám v přepisu překlepy, a líbí se mi, že text mi přijde na email. Paráda!

Germany Flag
Einfache UI zum Audio aufnehmen

Mit der App kann man einfach etwas aufnehmen und automatisch transkribieren lassen. Das spart Zeit. Man kann den Text selektieren und dann genau zu der Stelle in der Aufnahme springen. Praktisch!

Germany Flag
Funktioniert auch in Deutsch

Es ist das erste mal das ich solch eine App verwende und ich finde sie sehr hilfreich. Ich denke ich werde sie in Zukunft in Meetings einsetzen um ein Protokoll anzufertigen und meine spontanen Gedanken festzuhalten. Die App funktioniert auch in Deutsch hervorragend. Das finde ich klasse weil viele Apps auf Englisch optimiert sind.

Australia Flag

Saves so much time! Allows me to achieve what I otherwise wouldn’t due to ptsd and not being able to relive and express experiences slowly which happens if typing out. This way I can just speak it and it’s less difficult and less anxiety promoting. Great app, need to speak clearly of course and a little editing here and there is likely but it’s worth having definitely.

Brazil flag

Really getting a lot out of this app. Using it mainly to record and transcribe meetings. The accuracy is actually quite scary, and I find it allows me to focus more on the meeting knowing I will have a full transcript to refer back to. Really recommend it.

United Kingdom Flag
My go to Voice App

I try various Apps and then pick the best of the bunch. This is it. I’m even adding Podcasts and Screencastify audio here to listen back. Excellent. Recommended!

Italy Flag

Quest’app mi ha facilitato con lo studio universitario, è molto facile da usare, la trascrizione è ottima e ha addirittura la funzione di segnare in tempo reale i momenti più importante della registrazione. Buonissima!

Italy Flag
Registratore vocale e trascrizione vocale

Facile da usare, possibilità di salvare le registrazioni sui cloud e precisa trascrizione. Davvero un’ottima app! Dopo l’aggiornamento è ancora più precisa e veloce!

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